Cristina Lynn

Country Music Artist

Sinners and Saints

Sinners and Saints

Sinners & Saints © 2012

This ol’ world’s full of Sinners and Saints / Some times it’s hard to tell ‘em apart / Cause every Sinner and Saint / They go through life trying to unbreak a heart – Cristina Lynn

I penned Sinners & Saints after reading Kim’s first draft of ‘Downfall of a Good Girl’. These are my favorite lyrics because it’s so true about all of us. Sometimes we’re Sinners and sometimes we’re Saints. We all make mistakes and we’ve all had a broken heart at least once in our life.

Today © 2012

Today is our wedding day / Sun-filled flowers, famly and friends they surround us -Cristina Lynn

I’ve said for years that I was going to write a ‘wedding song’. I finally did it in 2012!! Not long after that, Kim sent me a text message asking did I have a wedding song for her second book!! I’d say this worked out kinda perfect! These are my favorite lyrics because these are the things I remember from my outdoor wedding.

Whiskey & Honey © 2012

The coulda, woulda, shoulda’s and memories of – Cristina Lynn

There’s a story behind this song that’s kinda cool and unbelievable, too. I’m happy to share when people ask me about it. I’m always saying I can coulda, woulda, shoulda something all day, but I finally have to just make a decision. This line just fell into place for the second verse.

Rainin’ © 2010

Rainin’, oh it’s Rainin’ / Outside her window and inside her soul – Cristina Lynn

I thought about this song for months before the lyrics unfolded. The idea came to me after I saw a show on adoption and hearing some of the moving stories. I felt like there was a song, but what kind. There was a period of time when it rained and rained and rained at home. I was sitting in our bay window watching and listening to the rain when the concept of rain inside and outside of the Mom’s soul hit me. The simple finger picking just worked…… it represented the constant rain.

Service Your Heart © 2011

I dare you to hold me / One touch, you’ll never know lonely again – Cristina Lynn

There’s an interesting story how this song came to life. We call this one my ‘Dog song’.


  1. One of my favorite CD’s-Cristina has a very unique style, her own special brand on a style that is so much a part of our fiber…country.

    So honored to know you~Blessings Alwys

  2. Love Kimberley’s books and I now thanks to her love your music!

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